Water Heater or Softener Repair & Installation

Water Heater or Softener Repair & Installation

Hard water or lack of hot water during winter are two problems you do not want to experience! Have you imagined having you and your family exposed to several harmful chemicals daily? Or cold showers during wintertime and high energy bills? KBR Plumbing’s goal is to assure you’ll have comfort in your house and will never have to go through one of these situations!

Softener Repair and Installation
If you got here, then you know about the importance of having a Water Softener! Hard water and chlorine in the water are two common problems that most homeowners face.

KBR Plumbing wants to make sure your home safe against the problems created by minerals such as chlorine, calcium, and magnesium in your drinking water, and water softeners are a great option. This type of contamination into your water can cause:

Struggle to lather soap

Sticky layer on soap and dishes

Dry hair and skin

Bad chlorine smell when the water is on

Water tasting bad

Built-up Scale

When your house has hard water, besides the health problems you may have due to the high concentration of minerals, your plumbing system may be at risk too. The pipelines may be corroded and develop extensive damage to the pipes. It can obstruct your water supply and cause devices like dishwashers and washing machines to fail. Your kitchen and bathroom may become stained and, the effectiveness of soaps and detergents can weaken. If you choose to get a water softener, you can decrease those cons. This product is a water filter that sends the water through a special tank filled with water softener salts. Using a water softener, you will enjoy fresh, clean, free of harmful minerals, and better-tasting water. Your water will also be more compatible with soap and detergents, extending your plumbing lifetime.

Enjoy the benefits of a new well-functioning water softener. To make sure your device will function as it should, you need a trustworthy company to do a perfect installation and high-quality maintenance!

Water Heater Repair and Installation

 Do you know when it is time to have your water heater repaired? If you are experiencing cold showers or high energy bills, the time to fix or get a new one may have come. The more important aspect of enjoying an energy-efficient device and water heated just at the right temperature with no spikes is to have a precise installation.

A water heater not installed correctly can bring water contamination, burning temperatures, or even a fire. That is why you need to call a qualified professional plumber who knows how to do a high-quality job.

At KBR Plumbing, we work with all sorts of water heater brands and models, the most advanced technology, and highly qualified professionals. Our installations follow the current building codes and local laws. Our job will assure your water heater has the proper venting and that the hot and cold water pipes are placed correctly to avoid problems with water pressure.

We provide guaranteed quick and effective solutions for your plumbing needs. Reach out to our service team to request a technician for service or a free estimate.

Call us to help you get your new project started!

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