Sewer Line Clearing & Replacement

Sewer Line Clearing & Replacement

Every household has a sewer system and, each plumbing equipment in your home has its drain line, and they connect to the residence’s main drain line. This drainage system carries all the wastewater to the home sewer line and ultimately to the municipal sewer line or the home’s private septic system.

A sewer system is essential to keep your residence a hygienic place and ensure your family’s health. Although, not every homeowner pays much attention to it until an issue emerges. 

A clogged sewer can produce extensive damage inside and outside your home. A clog in the mainline can affect all of the secondary plumbing fixtures and drainage. An overflowing bathroom can transform your home into an unsanitary place, putting your family’s health at risk. Cleaning your sewer drain lines will avoid these problems and will save you money in the future!

The sewer line is located deep within your home drainage system, DIY methods can be problematic, and that is why we advise you to search for a trustworthy and qualified company such as KBR Plumbing to solve your problem.

Clearing a sewer line clog depends on what created the clog. A clog develops through tree root penetrations, a broken underground pipe, infiltrations, or even inadequate flushed and drained materials. KBR Plumbing has more than enough experience to know exactly which is your problem and the right tools and qualified professionals to solve it fast.

Signs of Sewer Problems

Wastewater backing up from drains and toilets

Pooling water circling floor drain

Bubbling noises from drains

Sewage smell

KBR Plumbing Services to Clear a Sewer Line


We use an auger to reach down into the sewer lines. Breaking up clogs made from flushed and drained inadequate materials as well as tree roots.

Hydro jetting:

We use a high-pressure water machine to clean the interior of your drain lines and main sewer line, removing infiltrated materials, grease, and tree roots.

Pipe replacement:

A replacement is needed when you have infiltrations that stop the flow of waste.

If you suspect a sewer line clog, KBR Plumbing is your answer! Our professionals offer solid and reliable work, focusing on eliminating your clog problems once and for all. Call us to schedule drain clearing or repair services.

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